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What does SpinLegends offer to you?

More than 200 hours of work with all you need to crush Spin&Gos, both theoretical and practically.

More than 100 hours of video content, thousands hand analysed, more than 10 streamed classes per week, private forum and analytic review of your database.

You will have exclusive access to the best HUD of the world, as well as all the support software needed to improve your game.

We provide you the bankroll to play, so that your only goal is to grow as a player.

About Spin&Gos

The most profitable poker format

Since PokerStars included them in 2015, they have become one of the most played formats and the most liked by recreational players. SpinLegends offers you the opportunity to learn everything about it from the best human team, led by the world's greatest exponent in what to be successful playing and coaching this modality is concerned.

Why should play Spin&Gos
Endless traffic

Poker rooms are directing all their advertising towards them. The prizes offered appeal a lot of recreational players. As a result, they have the softest tables right now.

Table selection

It is impossible to select tables. Many regulars do not go into the best adaptations versus different player types. That makes Spin&Go’s tables full of recreational and exploitable regular players.

SpinLegends' mission

“Our aim is that every player that join us reaches to the elite of poker world in the shortest time possible.”

Alvaro Romero, founder

Meet the coaches

It is not difficult to see that you will learn from the best.

The key of our success is to have a team of young - but well prepared - coaches who, despite their high level and experience, have not reached their limits yet. Therefore, they still have a high spirit of achievement.

In SpinLegends we know the extreme importance of guaranteeing the best current strategy and keep evolving to always be one step ahead of anyone. For all this, we demand ourselves the highest level of content. Alvaro and his team of coaches are clear: you need to learn from the best to get a solid but quick improvement.

Adam "Coffeeyay" Sobolewski

$100 Spin&Go's player.
Knowledge of GTO is at his fingertips, and he’ll help you find the exact exploit for each situation. His love of teaching means you too can have access to the advanced concepts you need to become a legend. He cannot wait to see you playing $100 spins alongside him.

Our levels

"We offer you everything you need to crush every stake"


"Learn the basis to start playing and winning Spin&Gos"

  • Microlimits video pack
  • Access to our video library for Silver level
  • Access to SpinLegends' private forum.
    Silver strategy section
  • Initial bankroll
  • Possibility to climb to our Gold level

"Develop yourself as a player and beat all the mid-stakes"

  • Mid-stakes video pack
  • Access to our video library of coaching sessions (Gold)
  • Access to our SpinLegends' private forum.
    Gold strategy section
  • Bankroll for playing
  • 5 weekly coaching sessions Coffeeyay
  • Technical support
  • Basic support software
  • Gold SpinLegends HUD
  • Access to the 3 Gold group chats (General chat, Support chat, Announcement chat)

"Make your game perfect and become part of the Spin&Go's elite"

  • Advanced video pack
  • Access to our video library of coaching sessions (Diamond)
  • Access to our SpinLegends' private forum.
    Diamond strategy section
  • Bankroll for playing
  • Expert level coaching sessions with Coffeeyay and Tilo 'Karcist'
  • Premium technical support
  • Advanced support software
  • Diamond SpinLegends HUD
  • Access to the Diamond 3 group chats (General chat, Support chat, Announcement chat)
  • Direct contact via Skype with Coffeeyay and Tilo 'Karcist'
  • Customized VIP service
About SpinLegends

SpinLegends is the best Spin&Go School, our numbers and players endorse us.

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